Win-win: Spring-clean Your Home & Boost Your Savings! | St. Johns Bank

Are you ready to get a jumpstart on your spring cleaning to-do list? Why not do so in a way that helps you to both clean your house and make money at the same time—a yard sale!

Our team at St. Johns Bank has some tips to help you make it as successful as possible.

Make Room in Your Home for More Money in Your Wallet

With the first day of spring right around the corner, you might be feeling empowered to start cleaning out some rooms of your home to help create more space and decrease clutter. Why not use this time to throw a yard sale since your trash could be another person’s treasure? Plus, you can use the money you make to help establish an emergency fund or pay down debt.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can help ensure your yard sale is a success.

First, you want to place yard sale signs in noticeable places around town. If your signage isn’t seen clearly, you’ll have a hard time bringing customers in to your yard sale. Make sure you use poster board or a background that grabs people’s attention, while also using a big enough font and clear handwriting that people can easily read as they drive by. And maybe most important—make sure your sign adheres to guidelines in your neighborhood and community.

Second, make sure you are not working the yard sale alone. Instead, see if a friend can help you during the yard sale so that you don’t miss a sale because you are talking to one customer while another person is ready to pay. If you can’t have someone with you all day, as least see if you can try to find someone during the early morning hours, when yard sales are typically busiest.

Finally, be sure to have plenty of change on hand. There’s nothing worse than trying to purchase something at a garage sale only to find that the person running the sale doesn’t have enough change. If that happens to you, you may miss out on some sales. So be sure to have plenty of fives, ones and coin change before your sale begins.

Are you wondering where you are going to put all of that cash after your successful yard sale? Stop by St. Johns Bank today to learn how we can help you open a savings account.