Who Is Financially Ready for the Holidays? | St. Johns Bank

It never fails. As soon as a new season begins, it ends. Just as quickly as the summer season ended, a new holiday season is about to begin!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be more financially prepared for the holiday season? Our team at St. Johns Bank wants to help make that wish a reality by giving you tips on how to get started saving for the holiday season sooner rather than later!

Start Saving for the Holidays

While the holiday season is certainly the giving season, you do not want to celebrate by getting into debt. Therefore, start taking action today to get better financially prepared for the holiday season.

Consider hosting a yard sale! Especially with the transition of seasons, now is a great time to clean out those closets, get rid of items that are no longer in use and make room for new items that will be received during the holiday season.

Not only will you declutter your home, you will also be able to start putting money back for the holiday season!

You can also start saving a little bit each paycheck specifically for the holiday season. Think about how much money you want to budget for the holidays. Be sure to include everything (i.e., gifts, travel, decorations, holiday parties, etc.).

Then, take a look at the calendar, and divide the number you want to save by the number of pay days you have between now and the holiday season. That number is going to be the goal amount you want to save each paycheck to be enough financially ready to deck the halls!

All You Need Is $10!

Now that you are saving all that cash for the holidays, you are going to need somewhere safe to put it! Fortunately, with our Christmas Club Account, you can ensure a happier holiday by saving all year round, especially since it comes with a number of benefits like:

  • Interest is earned on the ledger balance
  • Interest is paid and compounded annually
  • Account balance will be transferred into the funding account at the end of October, ready for Christmas shopping!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started saving for the holidays today!

Start preparing now for the holiday season! Contact the team at St. Johns Bank today to learn about our Christmas Club Account!