Which Money Personality Are You?

There is one in every family. One who is so frugal they won’t even pitch in a dollar for a joint gift for grandma. One who will use their money to buy anything in front of them. One who is willing to take risks with their finances. There are a number of financial personalities out there in the world. But, do you know which one you are in your family?

Sound Familiar?

Here are some financial personality types you may or may not be familiar with.

One personality is the “Spender.” We probably all know – or are! – a spender. Immediate gratification is the name of their game when it comes to their finances. As soon as they have cash in their hand, it does not take them long to go through it. Instead of thinking about where their money is going, they just go ahead and buy what they want.

Another personality is the “Saver.” Hopefully, we all have at least a bit of the personality of a saver, as they will put money back for a rainy day – and love to do so. They enjoy knowing that if something were to break, they have the money in the bank to fix it.

A “flyer” is a money personality that many may not be aware of but will probably recognize the description in someone they know. Flyers don’t really think much about money and are not all that concerned with saving nor spending. They just do with their money as they do. If they buy, they buy. If they save, they save. They “fly” by the seat of their pants when it comes to their finances.

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