These 4 Organizations Are Making Big Changes in St. Louis | St. Johns Bank

St. Louis is chock-full of organizations that benefit the local community in many ways. Check out these four causes that are making a difference today.

St. Louis American Foundation

This foundation provides scholarships and grants to local students. Since its inception in 1994, the St. Louis American Foundation has provided $11 million in scholarships for minority students in the area.

In addition to scholarships and grants, the St. Louis American Foundation runs community recognition events to salute local excellence. These events help fund the scholarship and grant initiatives.

St. Louis Community Foundation

The St. Louis Community Foundation works with local nonprofits that benefit the community in a variety of ways. Through partnerships and collaboration, this foundation is able to find donors to help fund nonprofits.

The St. Louis Community Foundation also makes it easy to set up a monetary fund, including scholarships and employee care funds. Community members can help the cause by creating funds and raising money for the foundation.

YouthBridge Community Foundation

Since 1877, the YouthBridge Community Foundation has worked with organizations in the St. Louis area to benefit children and teens. Their aim is to benefit local youth by ensuring basic needs are met, education is provided and much more.

By serving children and their families, the YouthBridge Community Foundation also provides resources for crisis intervention, disability services and mental health/psychiatric care. YouthBridge serves as a great asset to local families by partnering with nonprofits.

Animal Care Center

The Animal Care Center houses displaced animals in the city. Through working with the community, this organization helps reunite lost pets with their owners and takes animal abuse reports.

The Animal Care Center also adopts pets and places animals awaiting adoption into foster care. These services benefit the community by keeping animals off of the streets and placing them with loving families.

If you’re looking for a local organization to support, these four are great options to get involved with! As always, remember to bank local!