The Power of Cash

Technology is a wonderful thing. The advancements that have been made with direct deposit, online banking, etc., have been amazing! But, sometimes “old school” methods are just as good to help manage money.

Cash in Hand

Remember the days when you had to use cash for everything you bought? It seems now-a-days people who own their own businesses have to carry around a Square in order to obtain payment from customers. However, the easy swipe of a card, while extremely convenient and easy to use, can be a little too dangerous. Therefore, going back to carrying cash can help in making sure your budget is maintained!

Placing money in envelopes after each paycheck also helps with the cash-only way of life. This way, when you go grocery shopping, you take the “Grocery” envelope with you. When your car needs gas, you bring the “Gas” envelope. What about when you want to go to the movies? Yes, there is an envelope for that. It is called “Miscellaneous.”

Envelopes help you to keep the cash you need, while your checking account holds your extra cash and a savings account helps for life’s emergencies. You don’t want to carry all your cash around, as you don’t want it to be easily stolen or misplaced. However, setting aside cash each week can help staying within budget easier—and more fun!

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