The Great Chore Debate

While you don’t expect your children to do chores every minute of every day over their summer break, they are going to be at home more. Therefore, they are able to take on more responsibility throughout the week.

Win the Chore Battle

Chores allow children to learn responsibility, as well as unity. The family that lives together does chores together. Yet, these “chores” do not necessarily have to be the standard vacuuming and mopping. Give your children chores to do throughout the summer that fit their personalities.

For instance, do you want your children to start helping out with dinner? Then, put on your chef hats and aprons, and turn the music up! Make it a fun event that everyone looks forward to. One person can be in charge of the table, while the other can be in charge of making the salad and putting out the condiments – all while dancing to the beat of the music.

Do you need help pulling weeds in the garden? Make it a race! Whoever pulls the most weeds in the end, wins!

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