Take Time to Travel After Graduation | St. Johns Bank

Attention soon-to-be college graduates—before you head out into the corporate world, St. Johns Bank knows you might want to travel a bit. But how?

Making Travel Affordable

Before you think this idea to travel is crazy (and unaffordable), here are some ways to make this very possible.

First, consider moving home for a little while after college. This helps you save on food and rent, even if your parents charge you a little. It’s still cheaper than moving out on your own right away.

Second, avoid life’s small expenses that can add up quickly. The daily (even twice a day) coffee runs, movies every weekend, eating out most days of the week, etc. While it may be $10 here and there, $10 can quickly add up to a nice travel nest egg when saved.

Third, don’t go running to the store for new clothes or technology. If a new outfit is needed or a piece of technology breaks, try looking online to see what deals you can find so that you aren’t paying full price for those items to save more in the long run for travel expenses.

Are you starting to save money for your upcoming trip, but don’t feel quite comfortable stuffing it under your mattress? We don’t blame you! Open up a savings account with St. Johns Bank.