Summer Is a Great Time for Kids to Earn Some Extra Money! | St. Johns Bank

The team at St. Johns Bank wants to help remind you that the summer months are a great time to teach your children the value of a dollar and how to learn and be responsible with money. Read on for a look at how your child can earn some extra money this summer.

Time to Earn Their Own Money

Has your child reached the age where it’s time to start earning money to pay for the “extras” he or she wants in life, like new toys, clothes, apps for smartphone and so on? If so, here are some ways to help your child earn some money this summer.

One great way is by hosting a garage sale. If your kids have outgrown some of their toys and are wanting money to purchase newer games, then have them go through their rooms and separate their toys into three piles—keep, donate and sell. Have them help you do the same throughout your home, which will allow you to declutter. Then price the items and put them out for a garage sale. Selling lemonade or snacks at the garage sale can give your little ones an added opportunity to earn.

Another way to earn money, depending on age, is by mowing lawns over the summer. Nowadays, many households have two working parents. Therefore, a lot of adults don’t have time to mow the grass as frequently as it’s needed. Hence, an opportunity for your child! Help him or her create flyers to post around the neighborhood, letting neighbors know that he or she is available for mowing and other basic yard work.

Does your child need a place to put his or her hard-earned money? Visit the St. Johns Bank website to learn about our savings account options to help keep your child’s money in a safe and secure place.