Stay Warm This Winter on a Budget | St. Johns Bank

Winter is here! The chilly weather, snowfall and lack of sun during this time of year may cause you to turn up your thermostat to keep your home toasty.

We all love a warm, cozy day spent indoors, but hiking up your indoor heating may give you a fright when you see your utility bill.

Instead of worrying about how you’re going to keep yourself warm this season, these tips can help you keep your family nice and warm all winter long.


The Department of Energy recommends keeping your thermostat set to 68 degrees in the wintertime. If you prefer a warmer indoor temperature, a few small changes to your home can help keep it warm this winter without maxing out your heating bill.

Add Curtains

Heat can be lost through your home’s windows, and curtains can help retain the heat that’s already in your home. Curtains act as a barrier and can also add some style to your home on a budget.

Identify Drafts

Drafty doors can bring a lot of the cold indoors. Fortunately, you can purchase inexpensive draft stoppers and fix the problem quickly!

Use a Space Heater

If you’re only using one room in your home, it may not make much sense to heat the entire house. A space heater can help you keep warm, wherever you are, on a budget. Just be sure to account for other people and pets in the home!

Use it safely, though. Space heaters should only be plugged directly into the wall—never an extension cord. And they should be placed on a low, flat surface where they can’t be knocked over.


It’s natural to want to stay under the covers on a blustery morning, but when you have to leave the house for work, school or other obligations, there are ways to keep yourself warm on a budget.

Dress in Layers

It’s always a good idea to have a dry, warm base layer, such as thermal underwear, when going outside for long periods of time. If a new set of thermal underwear isn’t in the budget, don’t fret.

There are many other ways to layer clothing in cold weather.

Bring Along a Warm Drink

Tea is inexpensive and a travel mug is a good investment, and sipping on a hot drink during the cold season can keep your body warm. Win-win!

Move Your Body

Have you ever bundled up, shoveled a bunch of heavy snow and then gone inside only to realize you’re sweating? Movement can help keep your body warm. The key is to move just enough to warm your body, without becoming overheated.

The best part about keeping your body in motion outside is that it is completely free to do! Bonus: It’s also healthy to move and not stay sedentary.

Reducing heating costs is just one part of a healthy financial situation. For more information on our banking solutions that fit your needs, contact us today!