Stay on Budget When Shopping for Back-to-school Supplies | St. Johns Bank

The team at St. Johns Bank wants you to remember that while you might be excited about the kids going back to school soon, you should still be focused on remaining on budget when shopping for school supplies, especially if he or she is headed off to college.

Focus on Savings This School Year

Do you have a child going to college? Then it might be time to start looking at places like Amazon and eBay when it comes to purchasing used textbooks for the fall semester. The price tag of new books can be really shocking. Therefore, try to ease the blow to your wallet by shopping around where you can on used textbooks.

Second, when it comes to purchasing the common school supplies for your students, be sure to look within your own home first. Chances are there are tons of supplies (some of which might not even be opened) that you can use for this year, such as notebook paper, pencils, black pens, notebooks, binders, etc.

After searching through your home, if there are still items that you need to buy, go look for the bargains at the local dollar stores. These stores have a wide variety of the basic school supplies your student will need—at a great price. But hurry, as every other parent will be thinking the same thing!

Also, if possible, buy in bulk in order to save even more money throughout the school year. For example, you know items like paper, pencils and notebooks will always be needed. Therefore, go ahead and buy in bulk in order to stock up at the discounted prices. Plus, if you don’t use everything this year, you can always save it for the next school year!

Do you want to start saving now on next year’s school fees? Visit St. Johns Bank to check out what savings options we have available to our customers.