Start Saving for Summer—NOW | St. Johns Bank

It may be the start of spring, but at St. Johns Bank, we want to help you be financially better off this summer, starting now!

Summer Fun

No one wants to spend the summer cooped up inside all the time with nothing to do. At the same time, who has enough money to just do whatever you want every day of summer? Chances are, no one. But there’s an easy solution. Start saving now in order to have some fun during the upcoming summer months.

Write down your summer wish list. Movies, vacations, hiking and camping trips, surprise outings around town, visits to a theme park, etc. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re saving up for this summer. Plus, you also know what you need to look for when deals appear on your newsfeed or in the newspaper.

Do you currently have a child in sports? While shopping for the equipment needed this season, go ahead and take advantage of the deals for equipment to use at the house during the summer, like tennis rackets, a basketball goal, a volleyball net and so on.

If visiting a theme park is high on your list of things to do this summer, save where you can by purchasing your tickets ahead of time. Instead, check out Sam’s Club and Costco, which may have the same tickets for a discounted price.

Visit our St. Johns Bank website to view all our savings options that can help you save for your summer wish list.