Spring-clean Your Way to Savings! | St. Johns Bank

While some people might view spring-cleaning as a “to-do” item they just want to put off and put off until they can’t anymore, our team at St. Johns Bank wants you to be the person who can see the hidden treasure that can be found if you complete spring-cleaning the right way. The way that brings in a whole lot of savings!

Cash In on Your Clutter

The first step in cleaning out the clutter and finding the hidden treasure is to go through every single room in your home with a fine-tooth comb. No closet should be left unchecked, and no drawer should be left unopened. Be sure you’re looking at everything and really, really considering what needs to stay and what needs to go. And don’t forget about the rooms you may not go in often, such as the garage, shed and attic. These are usually the places where the biggest price tag items come from when selling the treasure from your spring-cleaning spree.

So now that you’ve gone through every room in your home and have a pile set up of things that need to go, it’s now time to determine which of the unwanted items go straight to the dump, what stuff goes to Goodwill and what items are your ticket to some extra cash in your pocket!

As a result, you want to start separating out anything of value from your pile, such as furniture, baby items, collectibles, brand-name clothes, antiques, etc. Then you want to find a reputable source with the right audience to sell those items to, which may include baby clothing consignment shops, local antique stores and so on. You’ll also want to check out any online groups that you’re a part of that may be beneficial when trying to sell your hidden treasures, as well as your own personal social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Now that you have all this extra money in your pocket from spring-cleaning, where is it all going to go? Visit our website to learn about the various savings account options we offer to find the perfect savings solution for you and your family!