Reasons to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early | St. Johns Bank

While the holiday season may still seem rather far away, the days are also flying by—meaning we will be hearing Christmas bells and seeing holiday sales before we know it! Holiday shopping is a major expense for households each year, and the average spend seems to keep going up.

While it may feel like things have gotten over-commercialized, there are still plenty of ways to balance the perfect gift and the pragmatic savings goals you have set!

One of the best ways to save on holiday shopping is to start early. That way, you will not be crunching these extra expenses into one or two months, and you can plan in advance to get the best deals for everyone on your list—sounds like a Christmas miracle to us!

Why Now Is the Best Time to Start Your Holiday Shopping

You can keep an eye out for the best deals. If you already know what you are planning to buy this holiday season, a watchful eye can really help you save. Plan out your gift-giving now, then consider what is likely to go on sale when the deals start rolling out. By watching for savings, you can purchase when a good is at its all-time low instead of having to buy it out of desperation at the last minute.

You can take advantage of online savings. While Black Friday used to be the premier event for savings, with the rise of e-commerce, Black Friday deals are often not much better than the offers brands run year-round. With online sales and e-commerce coupons, you can typically save the equivalent (if not more) that you would if you waited until Black Friday to arrive.

You can spread out your purchases. Even for the best budgeter, last-minute gift requirements are likely to come up each holiday season. Fortunately, if you are spreading out your purchases, these unexpected expenses will feel like less of a setback. By spreading out your holiday shopping, you can make sure you are not having to pay for everything all at once at a time when money is likely already tighter.

If you are hoping to save more in advance of the holiday season, our accounts can help! Contact us today to learn how we can help you manage your money during the holidays and year-round.