Quit Hurting Your Heart

February is American Heart Month. When you think about your heart health, you probably immediately think of eating healthy and exercising. But there’s one aspect you’re missing—money. When you stress about money, your heart stresses right with you. Therefore, it’s important to combat financial stress to keep your heart healthy for years to come.

Overcome Financial Stress

First, identify where your financial stress is coming from. Is it that you don’t have money set aside in case an emergency occurs? Or are you scared about not having a retirement or college account set up? Perhaps your debt is growing faster than your income? No matter what your reason, it’s important to find out what the reason is so that you can tackle it head on.

Second, once you establish the cause of your financial stress, set up small goals to help overcome the stress. Are you wanting to get out of debt? List your debts in order starting with the account that has the highest interest rate. Start with that one. Pay the minimum payment on all your other debts, then pay as much as you can toward the highest interest debt. Do this each month until it’s paid off, then start on the next debt.

Don’t forget—this is all something you are in charge of. Therefore, keep yourself accountable. Write notes to yourself if you have to. Reward yourself along the way to keep your motivation going until all your financial goals are met—your bank account and your heart will thank you!

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