Make It a Summer to Remember | St. Johns Bank

As summer draws near, many families are working on plans to make it a summer to remember. Of course, even with the children out of school and parents wanting to keep them entertained, those plans still have to fit in the budget.

Our team at St. Johns Bank wants to help you in making budget-friendly summer memories. Read on.

Enjoy a Budget-Friendly Summer

As parents, we all want to give our children the best summer possible. However, we shouldn’t go broke in order to create summer memories, especially since some of the best memories are made right at home!

While there are memories that your children can make with the neighborhood kids, like bike riding in the neighborhood or playing baseball in someone’s backyard, there are going to also be memories that you make as a family.

Carve out time for your kids when you can by taking your lunch break outside the house and into the backyard for a picnic. If you are a family who likes to have competitions, you can even create an obstacle course in the backyard and whoever makes it through the obstacle course the fastest wins!

Also, instead of taking a vacation to another state, consider using this summer to explore the St. Louis area. Very rarely do we act as tourists in our own state, but there’s so much to do!

Use this summer to see everything our area has to offer families. You can also check out the local library to see what activities they offer for children, as well as visit local water holes and parks for entertainment!

Finally, use the weekends to get together with family and friends. Perhaps you can take turns hosting a barbecue so that you and your children can enjoy the company of others. Guests can bring a side dish, and the kids can enjoy playing outdoor games like volleyball while the parents have some time catching up with their friends, too!

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