Keep Your Financial Resolutions

Sure, you might be on the right track now. But come March, will you be able to say you’re still on the path to achieve your resolutions? Use these tips to help keep you on track for your financial goals.

Stay Strong in Your Finances

Don’t make 2017 like every other year. Instead of making resolutions just to break them, set your sights on the prize, which is a better financial future.

First, establish your retirement and savings account funds. Many times we forget to pay ourselves before paying others. This is because we’re looking at the immediate future and not the future. Don’t wait until the last minute to start building your retirement and savings wealth. Start today by setting up an automatic deposit from your checking account to those two accounts so that the money ends up in savings without you having to think about it.

You also want to reevaluate your budget to see where you can cut spending. Are you spending too much on the “extras” in life? See what can be changed in order to start seeing more in your wallet and less going out. Do you really need to eat out five days a week? Probably not.

To ensure you stay on track with your resolutions and don’t get overwhelmed, try breaking up your resolutions by months. For example, by February, focus on eating out only once or twice a week, then put the extra money into savings. By March, declutter your home and host a garage sale, then turn around and put that money into your retirement fund.

You can make these resolutions a reality. You are in control!

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