How Not to Overspend This Holiday Season | St. Johns Bank

The holiday season is full of joy and family, but oftentimes, it can be expensive and easy to overspend. Splurging on gifts and decorations can be far too tempting.

But with some awareness and planning, this holiday season can be less stressful financially if you make the right money moves! Here are some helpful ways to help you avoid overspending while still having the holiest and jolliest season:

Make lists. It’s not only gifts that get pricey but food, decorations and travel expenses as well. Create a list of each gift you need to buy, any decorations you need, how much gas or plane tickets might cost and a list of meals you’ll need to buy—and estimate the cost. That way, you know exactly what you need, so when the time comes to go grocery or gift shopping, you will know what you need and don’t need.

Set a budget. After you’ve made the list of everything you’ll need to buy for the holidays, create a more detailed budget around those items and stick with it! If you’ve added up all the costs and are stressed by the large number, go back to your list and find cheaper options.

Find the sales. Once you’ve made your list and budget, research when stores offer discounts, sales or savings events and plan your purchases around them. For groceries, many stores have apps that offer coupons, or you can even old-school-it and cut coupons!

Do it yourself. Whether you give handmade cards, repurposed gift bags or homemade cookies as gifts, there is plenty of opportunity during the holiday season to flex your creative muscles—and save lots of money while doing so.

Plan a potluck. Holiday feasts can quickly become expensive if you’re in charge of hosting. One easy way to save money and time is to have a potluck-style dinner instead, where each guest contributes a dish. This not only saves you money but also makes the meal more diverse, and each guest has the opportunity to cook a favorite recipe to share.

With a bit of financial planning, you can come out on the other side of the holiday season without financial strain!

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