Get Your Finances under Control

It happens to the best of us. We get a little bit comfortable with how our finances are going, so we start getting a little more lenient than usual. Instead of cooking at home most nights, we start eating out four or five days a week. Rather than shopping at thrift stores and looking for deals, we start paying full price for clothes we would usually wait and buy at a discount. Before we know it, our cash flow is quickly decreasing. It is time to stop the spending madness and get back on track!

Get Organized

Starting today, throw out those bad money habits. Today is a new day, and the new day begins with being more financially aware.

Look at your income. How much money do you have coming in each month? Is it less than what you are spending every month? Then, it is time to start re- evaluating your budget. Write down every single dollar you are spending each month and what it goes for. If your necessary bills (i.e., rent, car payment, utilities, etc.) add up to more than you bring home, maybe it is time to look for a second job. However, if there are things you can cut in order to live within your means, such as groceries and extracurricular activities, then it is time to trim the fat that is taking control of your wallet.

You also want to start establishing a safety net. What would happen if your car broke down, or you had an unexpected medical emergency? Would you have the funds to cover the cost? Start setting a certain amount back each paycheck in order to pay yourself in case a rainy day were to ever occur.

Are you looking to start a savings account in order to protect yourself from a rainy day? Contact us today to learn more about our Statement Savings Account!