4 Great Apps for Teaching Kids About Money | St. Johns Bank

Little ones watch adults pay for goods and services from very close to their first days on earth, so it’s only natural they would develop curiosity about this trade of paper, plastic and metal for things they want. The good news is, there are apps aplenty to help you teach them.

Teaching children about money is an important part of preparing them for adulthood. It’s also a great way of developing both simple and complex math skills, including addition, subtraction and division.

Never fear if you aren’t a math master, these apps can help give kids a fun look at how money works and take the pressure off you.

Peter Pig’s Money Counter

Available on: Android, iPhone

Ages: 5–8

Wise Peter Pig doesn’t just teach kids how to identify, count and save money, he also throws in some fun facts about U.S. currency and games kids can play as they “earn money” by answering challenges correctly in the app.

Renegade Buggies

Available on: Android, iPhone

Ages: NA

This one was developed for the National Center for Families Learning and funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, a fact that is obvious throughout the game. While no age range is specified, it’s probably better for older kids. Competitors race a high-speed shopping cart through various settings to collect items from a shopping list and coins, then take their items to a checkout and choose the ones that represent the better deal.


Available on: Amazon, Android, iPhone

Ages: 5–14

Developed by a kid for kids, Bankaroo is the brainchild of an honors student who was frustrated when, at the age of 11, he couldn’t find an app that could help kids track their money. It’s less of a game than the first two and more of a tool for teaching kids how to manage their actual money, including setting goals and saving toward them.

H.I.P. Pocket Change

Available on: Any device with an updated browser

Ages: All

This isn’t an app but a web-based suite of games developed by the United States Mint that kids can play on most any device with an internet browser. These will generate some serious nostalgia for millennial parents who grew up playing educational computer games at school and will teach kids about math, money, space, the United States and much more.

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